Why Every Small Business Owner Needs a Peer Advisory Board

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You’ve worked hard, fought hard to start and run your own business. And while running a small business has countless perks and rewards, there are times when it can be a lonely position. As the business owner, all company decisions run through you. Business success or failure rests solely on your shoulders. And there really isn’t anyone you can talk to about the unique challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

Or is there?

Small business owners of all types have similar questions, face similar challenges, and weather similar economic storms. Why not take advantage of each other’s hard-earned expertise, wisdom, and problem-solving minds?

We at Blue Sky are excited to announce a solution. Announcing our Peer Advisory Board program.

Peer Advisory Boards offer entrepreneurs a mastermind group with the powerful, proprietary, Pinnacle Success System™ as its foundation. Each board is comprised of a carefully selected group of entrepreneurs offering their wisdom and counsel in a facilitated conversation. 

Small business owners can join a group of about 8 other like-minded entrepreneurs for $297/mo.

Education, new concepts, and tools are introduced each month. The board meeting’s primary focus is for each entrepreneur to present current challenges that are holding them back and/or new opportunities and possibilities for growth. Advisory boards offer counsel and accountability with the goal of assisting each board member to expand and accelerate their growth and success.

Peer Advisory Boards create a close, trusted community of respected peers who get to know one another well, understand each other’s opportunities and challenges, and become powerful sources of counsel and wisdom. Although a board’s purpose is not to be a lead generator forum, relationships naturally develop over time, and as they do board members recommend trusted peers to their expanding group of relationships outside the group.

Concerned about adding one more thing to an already overloaded schedule?

A monthly meeting agenda looks something like this:

  • Welcome (5 min)
  • Wins from past months (20 min)
  • Education Topic (25 min)
  • Peer Advisory Discussion (120 min)
  • Goal Setting & Accountability (10 min)
  • TOTAL: 180 min (3 hours)

But because most small business owners who join a Peer Advisory Board show a 2X – 5X growth in their business revenue and goals, it will be time well spent.

Other advantages to joining a Peer Advisory Board include:

  • Being part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs – people who are “up to something”
  • Building relationships & social connections
  • Having a safe place to share ideas & struggles
  • Monthly education topics
  • A new awareness, new possibilities, more and better options
  • Improved confidence & self-esteem
  • Focus on creating a sustainable and scalable business model
  • Improved revenue & profits
  • Accountability partners
  • Business networking & referral partners
  • Affordable Business coaching solutions
  • Fully integrated access to boards, coaching, courses, and strategy intensives
  • Meetings facilitated by a Certified Catalyst Coach

So take your business to the next level, but don’t do it alone. Contact Blue Sky today to get connected with an amazing group and find out for yourself how un-lonely leadership can be.

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