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Come join us on the Team Engagement Podcast where leaders of teams share their insights!  This is both an AUDIO and VIDEO podcast and it takes less than 30 minutes to record the episode.

The Team Engagement Podcast

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This podcast is rapid fire!  We cover 5 questions in (about) 15 minutes.  I encourage you to keep the responses short and simple, and include brief examples when you can.

Here are the 5 questions we'll discuss:


As you have built your business (or run your business) what is one challenge that you’re proud that you overcame?
(2 min)


How can leaders foster creativity within their team (or company)?
(2 min)


How can leaders build trust between team members? (not trust in the leader, but with each other)
(3 min)


Share an example of a perceived failure that you turned into a ‘win.’
(2 min)


Tell us about your first job.
(1 min)

If you're ready to share your experience and expertise then click the link below and schedule a time that works best for you. Thanks for checking us out and we'll talk soon!

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  • Your experience is valuable...share it!
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  • It's fun!
The Team Engagement Podcast