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Every team is different, but there are established and proven principles and practices that boost any team into the stratosphere of high performance. Join Shawn Richards as he offers leadership and team training, exclusive tips, access to special keynote speakers, and an incredible networking community to help teams of all sizes recognize and apply those principles that will add to their success as a team.

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Become a SAPPHIRE Member

Whether you are just emerging into your leadership role, have been developing your skills in a steady role, or are leading from an Executive level, the Sapphire Membership will provide you with the level of training, support, and networking you need to elevate your leadership.


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Improving Your Team Begins Here

Be the change you want to see in your workplace environment. Become a Sapphire Leader and provide
a catalyst for change to bring about more employee engagement, closer unity, and greater levels of productivity in your team.

 of employees who leave their jobs report
that it is due to poor management.

21% higher profitability is reported for
organizations with engaged employees.

59% of engaged employees attribute their engagement
to the quality of leadership in the organization.

What is the Sapphire leadership system?

The Sapphire Leadership System is a strategically designed system that teaches new leaders the key principles and practices needed for success in a leadership role.  Unlike other programs, we provide small pieces of information at a time, along with specific action items specifically designed to help you implement the principles taught.  We do this for one simple reason: to keep it simple!  Leadership development need not be complicated, but it does need to be effective and powerful!

 We also provide a community of like-minded leaders united in our effort to lead people better in any situation.  We also provide group discussion, Q&A sessions, lectures from leadership experts, and individual coaching to help our members achieve their career goals.  Our entire system is designed to help you learn and implement principles and habits for long-term success!

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Hear What Others Are Saying

Melanie R.

"I feel more confident speaking to people, I feel more confident in my own interactions with my thoughts and my process."

Kevin I.

“Without a doubt, going through this program improved my confidence and my leadership skills!”

Todd R.

“My confidence level as a leader really stepped up and it comes back to being engaged, and knowing your information, which is what this course is all about.”









The word SAPPHIRE is an acronym that represents the objectives of our entire system.  They are also the code of conduct we expect all of our leaders to adhere to.


In some cultures the sapphire–a blue gemstone–represents wisdom and generous thinking.  We like that!  Join us in increasing our wisdom and expanding our generous thinking!

The Sapphire Curriculum

6 courses make up the SAPPHIRE Leadership System:

+ 6 Qualities of Confident Leaders
+ The Triad of High-Performing Teams
+ Values Dictate Decisions
+ Enter the Strengths Zone
+ Engage!
+ Stellar Communication


We are dedicated to empowering our members with the resources, training, and community they need to succeed in leadership. Meet with Shawn Richards directly to discuss any membership questions you may have.